Revise your Limiting Beliefs

Reframing Your Limiting Beliefs 
I’ve been doing some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) work recently on myself to experiment with limiting beliefs. Some of these beliefs were picked up from my family, my friends and my relatives. Your beliefs may not be cause for concern, until they cause internal conflict with your desires. Then again, you wouldn’t think of them as “limiting” unless they caused some form of conflict with your desires.
Let’s take a step back shall we and examine some theory. What is a belief? Quite simply, a belief is a set of principles which guide your thoughts, words and actions. A belief is a thought – that’s important to understand because thoughts can be changed. Beliefs are responsible for your view of reality – whether good or bad. Here’s a very simple example of some of my beliefs. 
I believe that the world is a beautiful place. I believe there is joy and magic in every moment when you’re awake and aware to tune into it. I believe in the goodness of man. I believe love is the most powerful energy in the universe. I believe we were meant to enrich others lives this enriching ours in the process. I believe in following your bliss and radiating your greatness into the world. 
Some of you reading this might think I’m delusional with a case of Pollyanna syndrome. “Haven’t you been watching the news lately seeing all the devastation, death, suicide and other horror in the world?” they might have me know. Despite all that, I firmly believe all the above. Why? What makes one person have different beliefs to another? Who is right and why? 
Two people may grow up living in the same house and yet have different beliefs. Imagine what Michelangelo’s world would have looked like had he been born a beggar in the street? The Sistine Chapel and The David would never have been created. He saw beauty and majesty in everything he touched. 
The same may also be said of the great composers like Mozart, Beethoven & Bach. Consider what may have become had they shared a belief that the world was a dreadful place. They would have never composed the great musical concertos, still considered timeless classics. 
How Your Belief Affects Your Life 
Your beliefs shape your world. They add colour and vibrancy to your relationship with the world. I often hear people complain how hard and tough life is. They talk about misery in their lives with little worth striving for; they merely exist. The truth of the matter is they’ve told themselves a story based on their past conditioning. 
Your past shapes your future. Your mind is incredibly adept at taking snapshots of your past. It is continually weighing up the most likely scenario likely to occur in the future.

Understand this is the brain’s main function apart from others; to construct future predictions. 
Life seems dreary when you view your past as a preface to your future. It begins to influence your thoughts, words, actions and beliefs. I believe that the past is over. Beliefs are powerful in shaping how you view and interact with life. Have you ever met people who’ve been affected by great misfortune? Most will tell you the tragedy served as a catalyst to take action toward living consciously, thus creating greater meaning in their life. 
Some of the most inspirational speakers, leaders and coaches in the world are those who were struck by serious adversity. They used their hardship to begin living a life full of meaning and purpose. Imagine if Lance Armstrong gave up on life when the doctors told him he had a 5% chance of surviving? Do you think he believes the world is horrible because he developed cancer? Do you think he blamed the universe for his adversity? 
He decided he was not going to be affected by his illness. In doing so, he created one of the world’s leading cancer foundations aimed at helping people affected by the illness. You have the same power to make an impact with your life. I’m not suggesting everyone become a Lance Armstrong. I’m suggesting that you have the know-how to change any limiting belief currently holding you back. 
How do you know it’s a limiting belief? If it’s holding you down or holding you back from something have a desire for, it’s a limiting belief. 
Many great and charismatic leaders began their careers in adversity – and they turned it around to triumph. My message is for you to consciously choose beliefs which serve your personal growth. Any time you notice yourself reacting with fear or anger (when intellectually you know it isn’t appropriate), it’s time to revise the belief that created that reaction. Focus on what you can do or become in order to live a rich, full and prosperous life. Focus on service.
If a particular belief doesn’t serve you, don’t throw it away like hot coal in your hands – rather, identify it’s opposite or some variation that WILL serve you, one which will hold you up instead of keeping you down, one which will propel you forward instead of holding you back. Apply this concept to your relationships, your career, your health, etc. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about a person or situation, identify that belief and change it. That’s enough to move you toward your dream life. Begin with the intention to choose beliefs which will best serve your life.